The automotive industry relies on industrial chemicals like epoxy resins, co-binders, adhesives, and other agents to assemble the interior and exterior parts of vehicles. To build more lightweight, high-performance, and sustainable automobiles, material specialists like Toagosei are continually developing new industrial chemicals that meet the dynamic requirements of this industry. Learn more about some of the most popular agents, resins, and adhesives used throughout the automotive industry.

Benefits of Agents, Resins, & Adhesives in the Automotive Industry

Each category of industrial chemicals offers unique benefits across a wide range of applications.

Epoxy Resins

The automotive industry uses a variety of epoxy resins as coatings or adhesives for car panels and parts, including body fillers and body repair compounds. Epoxy resins may be combined with fiberglass and carbon fiber to create durable composite materials, as well as function as adhesives that bond composite materials, such as carbon fiber and aluminum. Automotive electronics also use epoxy resins as potting and encapsulation materials. In general, epoxy resins are long-lasting and come in different compositions to offer different features and attributes.


In automotive applications, industrial adhesives help reduce overall vehicle weight, as adhesives weigh less than mechanical fasteners like rivets and screws. Although mechanical fasteners are necessary in many cases, such as high-stress applications and bonding dissimilar materials, strategically applied industrial adhesives can help improve fuel efficiency and minimize carbon emissions throughout the vehicle’s lifespan.

Types of Agents, Resins, & Adhesives Used in the Automotive Industry

Industrial chemicals can be formulated to meet the needs of specific applications throughout the automotive production process for both car interiors and exteriors. Because of this versatility, chemical manufacturers have developed a variety of formulations to achieve every unique purpose with more precision and better results. The auto industry uses many types of industrial chemicals, but the three major categories are industrial adhesives, UV-curing resins, and miscellaneous chemical agents.


The automotive industry relies on a variety of adhesives to enhance vehicle performance, durability, and aesthetics. Toagosei offers the Aron Mighty® FS-175SV10, a solvent-type nylon-based adhesive used as a primer for automotive glass insert moldings and bright trim bonding metal to soft PVC.

UV-Curable Resins

UV curing is a process that uses ultraviolet light to quickly solidify liquid adhesives or resins. The method is much faster and more energy efficient than traditional methods like heat curing, which requires high temperatures and consumes more energy. UV curing is also environmentally friendly since it does not involve using harmful solvents.

UV-curable resins serve numerous protective and binding functions in cars. In aftermarket service, for example, UV-curable epoxy primers, body fillers, and other coating products are used in collision repair applications to restore the vehicle to its original functionality and appearance.

Chemical Agents

Chemical agents can be added to resins, plastics, and other raw materials during the manufacturing process to imbue the products with enhanced characteristics. NOVARON® AG, for example, is an antimicrobial agent that can be mixed into molded parts, films, fibers, and other substrates to add heat resistance and moisture resistance. Chemical agents may also be applied as films, textile coatings, paints, and more.

Other examples of chemical agents used in automotive manufacturing include the following:

  • Flame retardants, which enhance the fire safety of materials.
  • Plasticizers, which improve the flexibility and workability of plastics.
  • Antioxidants, which prevent material degradation caused by thermal and environmental factors.

Automotive Chemical Agents, Resins, & Adhesives From Toagosei

At Toagosei America, we specialize in developing high-performance chemical agents, resins, and adhesives for use in automotive manufacturing and other industries. From permanent adhesives to epoxy resins, we provide our clients with the chemicals they need to build state-of-the-art products. Learn more about Toagosei America’s automotive solutions, such as our UV conformal coatings, Aronix® sheet, and Aron Mighty® FS-175SV10, and all our industrial chemical products or reach out to us today.