“Aronix Sheet” is a resin sheet alternative to glass. Compared to glass, Aronix Sheet is harder to break and is lighter. It is a resin sheet that features the following characteristics, which regular resin sheets are not as effective at:

  • Scratch Resistance
  • Heat & Chemical Resistancecapable of harsh conditions like engine compartment, inside hood and outside of car
  • Optical Properties (ex. high transparency, low retardation) – improves sensitivity & reliability, and offers higher performance in a smaller size
  • Easy Machinability – Aronix Sheet can be easily cut by an NC router or laser cutter, reducing assembly costs


Typical Applications

Aronix Sheet can be be beneficial in a variety set of applications, including:

  • Reducing the weight of a window plate material for sensors in automobiles and drones, reducing their collective weight and increasing fuel efficiency
  • Robots (industrial robots, mapping robots)
  • Cover sheets which need heat resistance
  • Cover sheets with a touch sensor substrate for smartphones, tablets, or car navigation systems (i.e. OPS:One Plastic Solution)

Download our Aronix Sheet leaflet for all product specifications and properties: