Toagosei offers a range of additives composed of functional inorganic materials. Our selection includes additives to improve electronic materials, such as our negative thermal expansion filler ULTEA® and an ion capture agent IXE®. We also offer amenity additives, including our deodorant agent KESMON® and anti-bacterial agent NOVARON®. Electronic material additives have distinct characteristics, like the capability to trap ions of impurities to improve the dependability of electronic components and products. Amenity and electronic material additives can be incorporated into manufacturing processes, such as during molding or coating operations. They improve the convenience and comfort of plastic or textile products.

Types of Functional Inorganic Materials

Ion Capture Agents (IXE, IXEPLAS®)

Conventional organic ion exchange resins possess innate weaknesses, including low resistance to heat and substandard organic solvent resistance. Inorganic ion exchangers, such as zeolite and clay minerals, have been commonly used solutions but suffer from poor water resistance and poor replicability. IXE® is a type of inorganic ion exchanger by Toagosei available commercially to an international market to overcome the challenges of using inorganic and conventional organic ion exchangers.

IXE® offers excellent ion trapping capabilities and heat resistance. It can be added to resins to improve IC sealant reliability. IXEPLAS® improves upon IXE®‘s capabilities by having a smaller particle size which enables it to be used in semiconductor packages. IC sealants made with IXEPLAS® offer improved reliability and, unlike IXE®, can be used in semiconductor packages.

Antimicrobial Agents (NOVARON®)

NOVARON® AG is an antimicrobial agent made of inorganic silver-based ion exchangers. It offers antimicrobial properties, effective against several strains of harmful microorganisms such as Salmonella Typhimurium and Escherichia Coli (E. Coli). NOVARON® offers good heat resistance and low moisture absorption and comes in a uniform fine particle form. It mixes well with molded products, plastic films, fibers, raw materials, and plastics during manufacturing. Dispersion of the agent is also possible as a paint, thin film, or textile coating. It rarely foams during heat treatment and has low water content, providing improved safety.

Sealants for Electronics (ULTEA®)

ULTEA® is a heavy-metal-free zirconium phosphate-based negative thermal expansion control filler suitable for application to electronics. Increasing temperatures cause the inorganic powder to contract, making ULTEA® an ideal additive to control thermal expansion in glass and resin. Sealants and epoxy adhesives for electronic components and OLED encapsulants are applications that rely on ULTEA®. It offers exceptional heat and chemical resistance along with the ability to suppress thermal expansion as a resin or glass additive.

Industrial Deodorizer (KESMON®)

KESMON® offers exceptional adsorption and deodorization of VOCs and various undesirable odors in living environments. It is an absorbent deodorant made of inorganic chemicals that reliably deodorizes unpleasant odors in low concentrations, which are known to be difficult to eliminate. The deodorizer is more effective than conventional materials that rely on a chemical reaction of the odorous gases. KESMON® offers superior deodorizing capabilities, durability, and heat resistance. A diverse range of applications are compatible with KESMON®, including:

  • Paints
  • Molded parts
  • Textiles
  • Non-woven fabrics
  • Papers
  • Films
  • And more

Functional Inorganic Materials From Toagosei America

Toagosei America offers functional inorganic materials as amenity additives and additives for electronic materials. The additives improve the electronic materials’ heat resistance, chemical resistance, and reliability during the manufacturing process or as a sealant. Amenity additives are inorganic materials that prevent microbial growth, absorb moisture, or deodorize foul odors from VOCs. They can be applied as part of the manufacturing process or as a coating, paint, or film.

Toagosei America is qualified to deliver functional and unique inorganic technology solutions to satisfy your requirements and manufacturing specifications. Toagosei America is known for adhesives and resins, like Krazy Glue. Our in-house R&D specialists can support you with technical matters, and our customer support team can assist you with other concerns and sales. Our products are formulated, synthesized, and produced in our facilities in Toagosei, Japan and in Ohio, USA. We store our inventory under strict quality control standards at both facilities. Download our datasheets to learn more about Toagosei America’s products and technical specifications. Contact us to learn more about our products and services today.