Ion Capture Agent

What is IXE?

IXE® is an ion capture agent that combines heat resistance and excellent ion trapping capacity.
By adding to the sealing resin or the like, it raises the reliability of IC sealants.

IXE® features include:

  • Excellent heat resistance; it can be used at 100 °C and even higher.
  • High ion selectivity; it is possible to isolate certain ions from the coexisting ions.
  • Exchangeability under conditions with little moisture.
  • High radiation resistance.
  • Organic chemical resistance.
  • Oxidation resistance.
  • Gas adsorption performance under high temperature.

Some of the main uses of IXE® include:

  • The ion-capturing effect – IXE® catches ionic impurities contained in IC sealants if added to them. Once IXE® traps ions, it hardly releases them.
  • Corrosion control of aluminum wiring – by adding IXE® to an IC package, corrosion of wiring is dramatically suppressed. Because of its small particle size, IXE® is effective when only a small amount is applied.
  • Migration inhibition of copper wiring & silver electrode

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What is IXEPLAS?

An excellent ion capture agent, IXEPLAS® was produced by improving the capability of IXE®, which was previously launched. IXEPLAS® has both very high ion-capturing capability and heat resistance. It raises the reliability of IC sealants, and it can also be used for semiconductor packages, to which IXE® cannot be applied.

IXEPLAS® features include:

  • The size of the primary particles of IXEPLAS® is submicron order and you can apply it to underfill materials, narrow pitch IC packages, etc.
  • Because of its small particle size, IXEPLAS® is highly effective with only a small amount of application
  • It traps copper and silver ions and is the most suitable for additives to sealants of copper bonding wire and silver wiring.
  • It shows ion-capturing capacity in a wide pH range because it can exchange both anions and cations.
  • Because it hardly contains impurities, it does not have negative effects for the sealants.

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Silver-Based Inorganic Antimicrobial Agent (NOVARON)

What is NOVARON?

NOVARON® is an inorganic antimicrobial agent composed of silver-based ion exchangers. It exhibits excellent antimicrobial efficacy across a wide spectrum of microorganism strains, including escherichia coli (E. coli) and salmonella typhimurium. NOVARON® comes in a form of uniform fine particles, has low moisture absorption, and offers good heat-resistant properties. NOVARON® is easy to mix with raw materials of fibers, plastics, plastic films and molded articles, and is also easy to disperse in paints.

NOVARON® is chemically and physically stable and it can be used without concerns (such as decomposition and discoloration).

NOVARON® has been approved by the FDA as an antimicrobial additive for polymeric food-contact materials.

How NOVARON® Works

NOVARON® works through one or both of the following mechanisms:

  1. Silver ions attack bacteria and inhibit their vital metabolism
  2. Activated oxygen generated from water in the presence of NOVARON® and light destroys cell wall/membranes of bacteria.

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Negative Thermal Expansion Filler (ULTEA)

What is ULTEA?

ULTEA® is a a negative thermal expansion filler made of zirconium phosphate.
It is an inorganic powder that contracts in response to increasing temperatures. Adding ULTEA® to glass or resin can control their thermal expansion.

Its applications include: OLED encapsulants, epoxy adhesives and sealants for electronic components

It has excellent heat resistance and chemical resistance, and can suppress thermal expansion by adding it to glass or resin.

It does not use highly toxic heavy metals and can be applied to electronic materials.

ULTEA® features include:

  • Negative thermal expansion over a wide range of temperature (up to 800°C).
  • Low toxicity; heavy metal free.

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Inorganic Deodorizer (KESMON)

What is KESMON?

KESMON® is an inorganic chemical absorbent deodorant that shows superior adsorption and deodorizing effects on various unpleasant odors and VOCs in living environments. In addition, it reliably deodorizes foul odors at low concentrations which are difficult to deodorize using conventional materials by chemically reacting with gases from foul odors. KESMON® has a superior deodorizing capacity and durability. Because of its heat resistance and durability, it can be used in a wide variety of applications including films, papers, non-woven fabrics, textiles, molded parts, paints, and more.

KESMON® features include:

  • KESMON® can absorb and deodorize odors like ammonia, acetic acid, hydrogen sulfide, aldehyde, as well as VOCs.
  • With superior heat resistance, it can be easily mixed into plastics.
  • Superior in instantaneous deodorizing, KESMON® deodorizes in a short time.
  • Different from physical adsorption, KESMON® reliably eliminates odors at low concentrations.
  • Odors that are chemically adsorbed is not emitted from KESMON®

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