Toagosei’s adhesives support many different industries, including automotive, home electrical appliances, medical equipment, telecommunications, and many others. Adhesives are an integral part of life, something we really cannot do without. Toagosei has dedicated itself to developing adhesives to meet a wide range of needs and applications and is a global leader in the adhesives industry.

The Toagosei adhesives portfolio includes the following product lines:

Aron Alpha

Cyanoacrylate – also known as super glue, instant adhesive, Krazy Glue, and industrial Krazy Glue – is the primary ingredient in Aron Alpha. The cyanoacrylate monomer (liquid form), reacting with the residual water in air or on the surface of the adhered substances, will be cured within seconds.

Properties of Aron Alpha include:

  • Instant, high-strength bonding
  • Ease of use, no heat treatment required
  • Chemical resistance
  • Environmentally friendly (low toxicity)
  • Wide range of grades and product types

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Aron Mighty (High Functional Reactive Type Adhesives)

Aron Mighty series is a high functional reactive type of adhesives. There are several series of Aron Mighty, including urethane, nylon, and epoxy based adhesives developed by unique technologies. They can be used in numerous applications, such as electronic materials, automobile, home construction materials, and many more.

  • Urethane Based Adhesive/Aron Mighty SNE-5880 – Aron Mighty SNE-5880 is a solvent type urethane based adhesive. This product performs excellent adhesion to various plastics. It is possible to bond at room temperature. The curing agent, PU-171, enhances the adhesion and the heat resistance. It is good for the adhesion of polarizing film to plastic lens.
  • Nylon Based Adhesive/Aron Mighty FS-175SV10 – Aron Mighty FS-175SV10 is a solvent type nylon based adhesive. Heat activation leads the strong bonding by resin melting and the cross linking reaction. This product performs excellent adhesion between glass or metals and various plastics like soft PVC. It is widely used for insert molding in the automotive industry.
  • Epoxy Based Adhesive/Aron Mighty AF-700 Series – Aron Mighty AF-700 series is a sheet type epoxy based adhesive. It has excellent low dielectric characteristics (Dk=2.4, Df = 0.003) and good adhesion to polyimide film, LCP film and copper. It also has excellent solder heat resistance. It is good for 5G related circuit boards needing large-capacity and high-speed telecommunication, like for antennas of mobile phones and millimeter-wave radar of autonomous cars.

Aron Melt (Modified Polyolefin Series Adhesives)

Aron Melt is a hot melt-type adhesive with modified polyolefin as the main ingredient and is suitable for difficult bonding materials, such as polypropylene (PP), polyethylene (PE),polyester (PET), and nylon, as well as many other kinds of resins, wood, metals, etc.

Aron Tack MF Series (High Heat Resistance Acrylic PSA)

Aron Tack MF Series offers high adhesion at even high temperatures (60-120°C), as well as high adhesion to various materials including polyolefin. It also features high transparency and weatherability.

Application examples include:

  • Heat resistant components (glass, metal, ceramic, carbon and quartz) such as ignition plugs, halogen lamps, etc.
  • Blister resistance for optically clear adhesives (OCA), such as for smartphone touch screens, in high temperatures and humidity
  • Pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) for decorative film

Aron Ceramic (Super Heat Resistant Inorganic Adhesives)

Aron Ceramic is a one-component, heat-curing, and super heat-resistant inorganic adhesive and/or filler. With fire-resistant ceramics such as Alumina and inorganic polymers as the main ingredients, it is excellent for heat-resistance.

The two main characteristics of Aron Ceramic are:

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