Aron Oxetane® is the brand name for oxetane resin commercialized earlier by Toagosei than any other business in the world. Falling under the category of cationic curable resins, it is chiefly used in combination with epoxy resins.

Monofunctional and bifunctional oxetane resins have very poor viscosity and make it possible to blend a larger amount of high viscosity resin to extend the range of mixing formulas. In addition, with the high reactivity of oxetane resin, it is possible to blend glycidyl ether epoxy resin, such as bisphenol-A type and novolac type resin, or epoxy modified butadiene and other resins marketed as epoxy modified polymer. Normally such resins cannot be used for cationic polymerization because of their poor reactivity. It is one of the most effective blending solutions for producing adhesives and sealing agents and ink of inkjet or 3D printers.

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